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Advisory services for Projects, any technical problems or tasks, specification of Dies, product quality problems, wear and tear, performance problems, processing and preaparation of raw materials
Configuration of Pellet Lines
Individual and specific planning of Pellet lines, according to raw material properties, suitable to local situation and respective custonance. Determining of sizes and capacity of necessary storages, space management
Existing technology

Modernization, expansion, or improvement of existing Pellet lines and technology, according to the latest state of the art


Determining of Capital investment and Operational Cost of a Pellet Line
Maintenance Plans
Creation of Maintenance schedules and suitable documentation
Spare parts management
Definition of the necessary spare parts ware house and order schedul

Machines and Spare parts

APT don´t wants to be understood as an ordinary machine and spare part dealer, but as your advisor with Know-How, what includes determining of specifications and the selecting of machines and replacement parts of satisfactory quality for a reasonable price


Spare parts

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Pellet Lines and Mashines

Pellet Lines and Machines for pellet applications must be configured according to the raw material properties, taking into account the local situation and customer needs. Advanced, energy-efficient and reliable technology, energy recovery and low maintenance are considered
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Spare Parts Pellet Mills

Pellet Mill spare parts require steel and hardness suitable for the respective application, professional and precise execution of the specifications, as well as perfect processing and finishing of the parts in order to achieve desired productivity, besides highest product quality in addition to satisfactory service life
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Spare Parts for other machines and Transport Elements

Hammer Mill beaters, Sieves, bearings and others are selected from reliable manufacturers which offers high quality for a reasonable price, always considering the respective application and its requirements onto the spares
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